Meet our


Merel van der Stelt


Prosthetist in training

Osman Kamara


Idrissah koroma 

Issa sesay


Trauma surgeon in training

Dr. Lars Brouwers

Head of 3D lab

Prof. dr. Thomas Maal

Prof. dr. Martin Grobusch

Head of Tropical Medicine Center

Physical therapist

Dr. Ruud Leijendekkers


Dr. Irene Fleur Kramer


Last year we set up the Foundation 3D printing in developing countries. Merel van der Stelt, Dr. Lars Brouwers, Prof. Dr. Thomas J.J. Maal, dr. Irene Fleur Kramer and Prof. Dr. Martin P. Grobusch are board members of the Foundation. Merel van der Stelt is PhD candidate on this project. Together with our research group of Technical Medicine, Industrial design, Mechanical engineering, and Biomedical engineering students from the University of Twente, TU Delft, and Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, we are conducting research at the 3D lab Radboudumc to improve the leg and arm prostheses.

The foundation collaborates closely with the department of rehabilitation, the orthopedic research lab, the 3D Lab of the Radboudumc and several Dutch prosthetic companies to conduct research and education.

Furthermore, there is a close collaboration with the national rehabilitation programme of the ministry of health in Sierra Leone for setting up this project and doing training courses.