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In autumn 2019, M. van der Stelt and L. Brouwers conducted a successful crowdfunding campaign in collaboration with the Dutch Albert Schweitzer Fund (NASF); collecting 15,000 Euros. With this amount, we financed an MPP Solar off-grid inverter combined with two batteries to prevent power changes and outages of the printer. We support local employees with a small salary contribution for their indispensable work, and we donated a car to the Masanga Medical Research Unit.


We obtained an internship allowance for students from the University of Twente and Delft to cover the cost of ethical approval and transport.

Ultimaker (Ultimaker BV, Geldermalsen, the Netherlands) gifted the 3D-printer as well as printing materials. Shining 3D (Einscanner Pro Plus, Shining 3D Technology, Hangzhou, China) gifted a 3D-scanner. To both companies, we express our gratitude.

We would like to thank all the participants and the Masanga staff who helped manufacture the prostheses!