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3D-printed prosthesis for a small boy

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One and a half years ago, this little boy had to undergo an amputation of his lower leg at the Masanga Hospital Sierra Leone. Last week his family suddenly stood in front of the physiotherapy building. His family heard that we were 3D printing prostheses again in Masanga and asked me to make a prosthesis for their son. I doubted; do we have the ability to do a proper follow-up and are we able to make prostheses while he will grow up? However, he is living near the hospital and his family is in close contact with the local physiotherapists. Together with the team in Sierra Leone and in The Netherlands, we agreed to make a prosthesis, since there is no alternative for this boy. 
The boy did not like being back at the hospital. It therefore took some time to regain his confidence. A 3D-printed frog made the young boy smile a little, after which we were able to 3D-scan his amputated leg and contralateral healthy leg.  
After 3D-printing the prosthesis. It appeared that the prosthesis was too heavy due to the metal prosthetic parts. Therefore, I chose to print the entire prosthesis. Today, it is three days ago that the prosthesis was fitted. He is exercising every day with Osman and Idrissah. In the near future we will give him a second, length-adjustable prosthesis. Hopefully he will be able to walk independently with the prosthesis very soon. The color of his prosthesis is red, his favorite color, just like his ball.