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Transtibial prosthetic socket design using artificial intelligence (AI)!

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Last year, an AI algorithm was developed for transtibial prosthetic sockets from 130 scans of transtibial stumps and the corresponding corrected models. The AI algorithm was incorporated into 3DMedX, a automated design software program of the 3D Lab of the Radboud UMC. Using this software, a prosthetic socket can be designed within 3 minutes by someone with a relatively little computer and prosthetic knowledge
The AI algorithm has been tested with Dutch patients. The first results of the AI-based socket predictions are very promising. So far, we have been able to do tests with seven patients whereby the conventional prosthetic socket has been compared with the AI prosthetic socket.
Very soon I will return to Sierra Leone. This time will be extra special because I will be teaching the locals how to work with the newly developed software. Using the software including the AI algorithm, we hope that the 3D Lab at Masanga Hospital can increasingly be run without our help so that anyone in need of a prosthesis can also receive a customized medical device made by the local staff.